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Cloudimage makes image resizing supereasy! No more manual resizing in Photoshop, no more painful implementation of ImageMagick. Just simple, smart links. Yes simple links.

URL Format

The general syntax to process an image is:
  • company is the token you obtain when registering for a Free Trial (it can be customized)
  • operation is the resize operator (ex: crop, width, cover, ...)
  • size is the size of the operator (ex: 200, 300x300, ...)
  • optional_parameters are the parameters to add transformations to the image. If you do not need any transformation , you can put a single placeholder such as n
  • original_image_url is the original image URL

That's only the beginning!


We support all kind of resizing operations: cropping, resizing for a specific height of width, cropping inside the image...

See Operations...


Parameters can be added to change the colors or add effects to your image (grayscale, contrast, smooth...).

See Parameters...


You can easily watermark your images with a static logo or any logo from URL.

See Watermarking...


Your images are accelerated by best-in-class CDN providers. We constantly benchmark CDN providers and have selected CDNetworks, Edgecast and Amazon Cloudfront. Contact us for a chat about CDNs.